Become a social investor!

If you are an enterprise and you care about social responsibility you can make a monthly contribution

Donate to a cause of specific interest to you.

Contact us and we will make it possible for your support to have a lasting impact on the beneficiary groups in our community.

Fundación Comunitaria Malinalco offers you several options to become part of our community of social investors:

* You can make a contribution in cash or in kind.
* Start a fund to support a specific project or cause.
* Involve your collaborators in supporting FCM projects by sharing
their time and talent to provide specific advisory.


The Social Responsibility Badge of the Malinalco Community Foundation arises with the objective of recognizing and thanking those establishments and businesses that donate on a recurring basis, so that the Malinalco Community Foundation continues to support community projects, providing workshops in communities, generating motivation with the young people, and working on actions for the attention and prevention of forest fires.

Our current social investors: